Inchcailloch Island

Inchcailloch is a small island on the east of Loch Lomond which is accessible from the village of Balmaha. A short boat ride from the Balmaha boatyard on one of the old mail boats will transport you from the shores of Loch Lomond to an ancient island filled with hidden treasures.

The island is a nature reserve managed by Scottish Natural Heritage. There are paths woven throughout the island leading you to isolated bays, beaches and viewpoints.

Of historical significance the island is home to an ancient burial ground. St Kentigerna established a nunnery on the island in the 8th century and was used as a place of worship until the 17th century. The burial grounds and church are still visible and many visitors journey here to experience the spirituality of the island just as the ancient inhabitants used to.

In more recent times the relatives of Rob Roy MacGregor and the Clan MacFarlane were buried within the grounds of the church. Exploring the island takes you to an older time filled with natural forest and indigenous wildlife. Many deer frequent the island as they swim across Loch Lomond looking for grazing land. There have been reports of a white deer that visits occasionally. There is a camp site on the west of the island and provides a unique accommodation experience on Loch Lomond.

There are many guides who can help you investigate Inchallioch with several offering personal guiding which is a unique experience that will give you a detailed insight. Several of the close by hotels in Loch Lomond can help you organise a trip to the island however, make sure you ask in advance as the area is busy throughout the year.


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