Doon Hill Fairy Tree

Doon Hill is the home of the fairies. It is also the final resting place of a local minister, Robert Kirk, who lived in Aberfoyle in the 17th century. The minister would hold service and explain the virtues of God as well as describing the secret lives of the fairies. Robert Kirk believed that Doon Hill was enchanted with fairies living among the local population. Such was Kirk’s commitment and belief in the fairies he published a book called The Secret Commonwealth where he describes Doon Hill as being the gateway to the land of the fairies.

To enjoy the mystical woods and maybe see a fairy you will need to take a short walk from the main Aberfoyle car park. Passing by the old parish church where Kirk’s grave is marked you continue toward the small hill situated among the flat plane surrounding it. Many visitors attach ribbons or notes to the fairy tree to bring luck or commemorate a passed loved one.

The fable surrounding the Doon Hill suggests that Robert Kirk’s spirit is imprisoned within the tree having missed his opportunity to move to an afterlife. Maybe this is true and maybe it is only a story however, as with all of the countryside it is best to be respectful and embrace the landscape for its beauty and environment.

Enjoy a picnic with the fairies or a gentle walk for a few hours and see what you can discover. There is more to see than just the local wildlife.

Close by to the village of Aberfoyle there is a great selection of cafes and restaurants to get breakfast, lunch or dinner while you visit. If you intend to stay in the area while you visit there is also a great selection of hotels in the village or set within the nearby forests. There are several activity operators nearby who can organise a trip to the the fairy tree as part of your stay.

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