Ardess Hidden History Trail

The National Trust for Scotland have provided a walking trail through a redundant archaeological site on the shores of Loch Lomond. Surrounded by forest and water the trail provides an insight into the generations of people who inhabited Ardess for hundreds of years.

As you begin the trail you can see a newly built Cruck house that ancient inhabitants of the area once lived in. The area was also frequented in the 19th century by the Victorian gentry and used for their hunting and recreation.  As you get further into the walk you can see the remnants of their hunting lodges.  Iron was smelted at this location throughout history with the local oak wood providing the fuel to generate the intense heat for the iron smelting.  The forests planted in Ardess evicted the original settlers and began the process of commercial development in Ardess leading to the area being used for commerce for hundreds of years.  The charcoal generated from the smelting would be used for many industries like leather tanning and gunpowder.


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