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Loch Lomond and The Trossachs has several castles located throughout the area that provide accommodation. Enjoy the grandeur of ancient Kings and Queens while you visit. Situated in stunning landscapes you will have access to manicured gardens, forest and lochs. All of the castles are modernised in a traditional setting to provide you with home comforts while you embrace the history that surrounds you. Why not enhance your visit and enjoy the historic sports of the local nobility.  To participate in the local game sports ask your host.

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Beautiful landscapes surround all of the castles. Whether your castle is in the forest or near a loch you will feel a sense of timelesness. All of the castles can provide restaurant quality food and will always have some local whiskey to keep you warm.

With many activities to keep you entertained why not enjoy a cruise on Loch Lomond or go climbing in The Trossachs. With walking and cycling tracks always close by you can enjoy a romantic afternoon deep in the forest or on the loch side. Maybe you could  learn about the local history and visit an ancient monument. You could also go to a local dance or watch the pipers on the village green. There are many activities to keep you entertained while you visit.

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